Pool and Spa Inspection In Ogden

Are you planning to purchase a home with a spa or pool? There are several advantages to purchasing a home with any type of pool, but there are some concerns as well. It is important to understand the condition of them and to know if the equipment system works. Before you close escrow, make sure you are protecting your investment by ordering a pool and spa inspection.

What You Need to Know About Pools

A pool inspection will let the homebuyer know what some of the key issues are relating to the pool or spa. When we come to your home, we do a visual inspection of the pool deck, the heater, pump, and other mechanical equipment.

Above Ground Swimming Pools – Do They Need an Inspection?

Above ground pools in Utah are immensely popular, but those pools can lead to concerns for potential home buyers. While an above ground pool doesn’t require an inspection, it’s a good idea to at least have the home inspected if you know you are buying a home that once had an above ground pool. If a former homeowner had their pool too close to their home’s foundation, there could be indications of water damage.

Common Issues to Identify with a Pool Inspection

While pools can add value to a home, they do include a certain level of risk. How do you know if the home you are purchasing has a pool that is in good condition? Here are some things to look for when you do your own visual inspection of the property:

  • Cracked or deteriorating concrete near the pool
  • Old pool lining
  • Cracked lines around the pool
  • Warped decking around the pool area

Professional Pool Inspections

A professional pool and spa inspection will go into deeper areas of concern. Reedy Set Go will be able to provide you with a referral for professional pool inspectors if we do see issues with the pool following our inspection. Some additional areas of concern with pool and spas include:

  • Interior finish concerns
  • Stairs into and out of the pool
  • Decking around the swimming area
  • Spa or pool shell
  • Pumps and motor equipment
  • External bonding for all blowers, heaters, and pump motors
  • Electricity requirements
  • Safety equipment
  • Surface drainage and vegetation near the swimming pool or spa

All pools require proper care and maintenance to prevent problems. Is the property a good investment? Consider a pool or spa inspection prior to purchasing or selling a property.