Commercial Building Inspections

  • Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial building inspections will identify and address repairs and maintenance issues that need to be made. Purchasing a commercial property without an inspection can leave investors vulnerable to financial disaster as they need to invest more into the property for it to be usable. Reedy Set Go provides experienced commercial building inspections for Northern Utah properties.

Why Do Businesses Need Commercial Building Inspections?

Commercial building inspections are designed to provide you with an idea of the current and future state of the building. Does the building look to be in good condition? Will the building require upgrades in a few years? Unlike residential home inspections, commercial inspections are designed to look at the lifespan on the building.

Some of the elements that are troubling with commercial properties relate to older buildings. Electrical and plumbing systems normally last for 40-60 years, which means new property owners will likely need to have a budget set aside for costly repairs.

Some commercial properties have changed ownership, tenants, and investors so many times that there are bound to be issues. We look for not only the common issues like structural design, but we dive into the deeper issues like poor workmanship, building code violations, broken or worn down equipment, and improper maintenance of all systems.

State and Federal codes can change yearly, making it important to have an inspection to ensure your new commercial property is up-to-date. Code violations can become expensive and can put the tenants at-risk for serious health and safety risks. Reedy Set Go has years of training and experience with these codes, and we always stay updated with the latest regulations to ensure our clients have the right information before investing in commercial properties.

What is Done in a Business Inspection

Our commercial building inspection report will provide details pertaining to the construction and visual inspection of the property including:

  • Structural and foundation
  • Roofing, insulation, and condition
  • Electrical system and wiring inspection
  • Plumbing fixtures, supply lines, and drains
  • ADA accessibility
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
  • Site grading and drainage

We provide a full report of our findings with pictures to assist you as you determine if you want to invest in the property as-is, present a lower offer, or run away!

How to Get a Building Inspection

Fill out our contact form, or give us a call directly to schedule an appointment for your commercial property. Depending upon the location and size of the property, you can expect anywhere from 3-8 hours for a commercial inspection to be completed. With decades of experience in construction, development, architectural design, and more, we always make sure every area of the property is inspected. We can catch issues that others overlook, and we always report our findings to potential investors as requested. Commercial properties must adhere to certain industry standards for the building to be deemed safe.

If you are planning to invest in commercial property, you need to have this property inspected. Inspection of a commercial property can help buyers know the property is worth the money. Avoid the risks that come with commercial building investing by protecting yourself with a commercial inspection. Let Reedy Set Go help you with your commercial inspection and ensure that your new investment is a good one!