House Inspection Attic

House Inspection Attic

In 2013, Jeff Reed decided to establish Reedy Set Go to provide honest and reliable home inspection services to Northern Utah residents. The dream of Reedy Set Go began with the initial idea of helping people while being about to start and grow a successful business. Jeff has 30+ years of construction services including home building, repair, and modification. His background in construction lead Jeff to identify key issues that have occurred in the home building industry, helping him to fine-tune his skill set as a home inspector.

“I enjoy this industry as it allows me to help people to feel confident about the largest purchase most people make in their lifetime. I like to think of a home inspection like a visit to the doctor for a check-up where you find out if you have medical issues that need to be resolved. A visit from a home inspector is the same thing, but for your home, allowing you to find out the homes physical shape and any issues that need repair.”

A home inspection from Reedy Set Go is more than a report, I like to help home buyers understand how to maintain the home once they own it. Our reports are designed to give clients a standard report about the heating system, central air system, plumbing, and electrical system, roof, attic, insulation, walls, floors, ceiling, windows, doors, foundation, and the structural components of the home.

When you hire Reedy Set Go, you are hiring the owner! We take pride in our work and Jeff Reed is devoted to our customers. He does each and every home inspection to ensure our customers receive the honest, consistent work that makes our company successful. For the last five years, our clients have continued to provide feedback about our thorough inspection process and are grateful for the industry knowledge we provide.

Reedy Set Go never abandons a client. We want to make sure that you have help after an inspection and you can call us any time for some advice and to have questions answered. We also appreciate referrals from our clients, as we want to provide the best service possible for Northern Utah residents.

In his spare time, you can always find Jeff enjoying the outdoors. He enjoys skiing, boating, travel, and spending time with my family.