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5 Important Home Improvements to Help Sell your Home

Fluctuations in the housing market can impact the ideal time to sell your home. Making the best home improvements can go a long way toward increasing the total value of your home, which will increase your profits when the home is sold. Whether you intend to sell your home immediately or eventually, we’ve compiled 5 home improvements that can significantly help to enhance the value of your property. Not only will these improvements allow you to sell your home for more, but they will also increase the level of comfort within your home. Not all home improvements are created equal, so it is important to understand which home improvements will provide the most benefits to your home.

In addition, you may want to consider obtaining a home inspection to find any potential issues that will need to be fixed prior to selling your property. Here at Reedy Set Go, we provide superior inspections to provide you with the information that you need to protect your property.

The best home improvements

1. Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are incredibly important, especially when it comes to selling your home. Studies have shown that people have formed an opinion regarding the property within 7 seconds of entering the building. Investing in landscaping can provide many benefits to a property. Not only can these efforts significantly improve the appearance, and therefore the curb appeal, but they can also be used to provide alternative benefits to the property. For example, strategically placed trees can help to provide shade and reduce cooling costs during hot temperatures.

Replacing the front door of your home has been proven to be a particularly valuable investment. The front door has a dramatic impact on the impression that is formed when an individual first enters the building. A sturdy door will similarly convey a sense of security that will be valuable when attempting to sell your building.

2. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is growing in popularity and necessity. Many potential buyers are looking for energy efficient buildings, both for the financial and environmental benefits. There are many different avenues that can be used to help improve the overall energy efficiency of a building. A relatively simple way to improve energy efficiency is with the use of insulation. When a building is effectively insulated, it will be much more difficult for energy to escape from the building, which creates a more comfortable environment, as well as reduces the expenses of heating or cooling the building.

Installing energy-efficient appliances can also help to improve the energy-efficiency of the home, particularly when the HVAC system is upgraded. Energy-efficient windows can be installed to provide many of the same benefits as insulation, though they also provide an increased level of security. Not only will investing in energy efficiency improve the value of a building, but it will provide immediate savings on energy expenses.  

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3. Kitchen Upgrades

home improvements
Energy Efficient Kitchen

If you intend to invest money in making upgrades to your home prior to selling, you should focus primarily on the kitchen. Upgrade appliances and consider improving the flooring of the room. Be careful not to overdo it on kitchen upgrades, however. Few people are willing to spend significant amounts of money on a gourmet kitchen area, though they will pay extra for those marble countertops. This can work in conjunction with making energy efficient improvements, as there are many variations of kitchen appliances that come in energy efficient models. This can be especially useful for replacing appliances like the refrigerator, that needs to be running consistently to effectively function. Ultimately, if you have limited funds with which to make upgrades, more buyers will care more about kitchen upgrades than upgrades in other areas of the home.

4. Add a Bathroom

Bathrooms are able to significantly increase the overall value of a building, particularly if the home only currently contains a single bathroom. Every bathroom will improve the value of the home by a substantial amount, which is why the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are the most commonly stated attributes about a home.

It is usually most cost-effective to reinvent rooms that already exist within the building, as adding completely new rooms can come with high expenses. Smaller spaces may be upgraded to half bathrooms. If you have an unfinished basement, finishing it will not only allow you to add this bathroom to your building, but it will also go a long way toward raising the total value of the building.

5. Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting a building is a cost-effective upgrade at any time, though it is considered a standard procedure for those intending to sell their home. There are many benefits that come with a new coat of paint. Not only is it affordable, but it immediately improves the appearance of any room. It can also be used to seal cracks that may otherwise let insects or water into the building. Ensure that you stick primarily with neutral colors when you paint your home prior to selling, as it is important to remember that other people are unlikely to have the exact same taste that you do. More neutral colors tend to be more appealing to wider audiences than bright, bold colors that may be off putting.  

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Another key step when it comes time to sell your home is to obtain a thorough home inspection. This will help you to determine whether there are any issues in the home that may impact the ability to sell the home. This will also provide reassurance to the buyer, as they will know that no unexpected problems will arise after they have purchased the property. This can also provide paperwork and information should any legal issues occur after the transaction has concluded. There are many reasons to obtain a home inspection, whether you reside in the property, rent out the property, or intend to sell the property. To learn more about the benefits of a home inspection, as well as the changes that you need to make to raise the value of your home, contact our experts at Reedy Set Go today!

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