How To Fix Roof Leaks

4 Steps for Handling Roof Leaks Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Spotting a sudden roof leak can make anyone panic. Dealing with roof leaks can be stressful, especially when you’re completely unprepared for the task. So, if you are currently confronting your own issues with roof leaks, or if you just want to plan ahead to address this emergency home repair, here are some helpful steps you can take. 

Remove Any Damaged Furniture from the Home 

When a roof leak catches you off guard, you may be left with water damage in your home. If you want to avoid dealing with an additional mold problem, you need to act quickly. Thankfully, you can use online tools to easily find local junk haulers, who can help get any bulky furniture or materials out of your home safely. These professionals will have the equipment and experience to properly remove large or moldy items that have been damaged by your roof leak so you can focus your time and effort on getting your roof repaired. 

Mold damage can be an especially challenging and costly home repair to deal with, which is why addressing any moisture-laden materials in your home should be a top priority when dealing with roof issues. Otherwise, you could end up paying thousands to have even a small area treated for mold. 

Complete Some DIY Repairs to Avoid More Damage From Roof Leaks 

You’re going to need an expert to take care of most roof leak repairs, but it can take time to get professional contractors out to your home. During that time, if your leak is left unattended, you could end up with even more water damage to affected areas of your home. That’s why you need to know which DIY quick fixes can help solve emergency roof issues and hold your home over until professional help arrives. A sheet of plastic and a staple gun can help cover most roof leaks to protect against snow, ice, and other precipitation, but if you have some extra shingles and tar on hand, you can fashion a stronger patch. You will need to get on your roof in this last instance, so make sure you know how to practice ladder safety to avoid injury. 

Contact Local and Licensed Roof Experts for roof leak Repairs 

You know those online tools you used to find junk removal services in your area? You can also use those same search tools to find experienced roofing repair companies to take care of your roof leak. So, once you’ve made some temporary fixes to stop additional water from pouring into your home, look up some roof specialists in your town. Also be sure to take some time comparing and interviewing contractors, before you decide on the best company for your roof repairs. While the contractors vetted through services like HomeAdvisor include some of the top professionals in your area, you should still check references and professional licenses for yourself. If you want some additional peace of mind, you can also hire a home inspection service, such as Reedy Set Go, to double-check roof repairs once they are complete. 

Check Homeowners Insurance for Repair Coverages 

Taking care of the logistics of roof repairs can be simple when you follow the steps above. Dealing with the costs of these repairs can be another challenge that can cause stress for homeowners. The first step in resolving this financial stress is to take a good look at your homeowners insurance, to see what type of repairs are covered. According to Allstate, most homeowners insurance plans will accept claims for roof leaks when those leaks are caused by things like hail or wind. So, if a tree falls onto your roof during a big storm, you may be able to have repair costs covered and pay only a deductible. If, however, your leak is due to normal wear and tear or failed maintenance, then you will need to pay for repairs on your own. 

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Most homeowners take their roofs for granted until they spot signs of a leak. By taking care of regular roof maintenance, you can avoid many issues. Still, the tips above can really come in handy when you are faced with unexpected roof leaks. 

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  1. Tex Hooper
    Tex Hooper says:

    Great tip about hiring a home inspection service to get a list of things that need to be repaired for the roofers. I have about 15 broken shingles. I’ll have to consider getting a roofer to put metal shingles in place.

  2. Jessie Holloway
    Jessie Holloway says:

    Thanks so much for the steps to take when you find there’s a leak in your roof. My brother has been noticing some curled shingles on his roof and he wants to get them replaced before winter. We’ve been looking into finding some professionals to help him fix everything so we can avoid any leaks.


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